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Installation Abroad

Our machines have been exported to North America,South America, Europe,Australia,Africa,Southeast Asia and the Middle East areas.Our technicians have been sent to Mexico,Canada,Zambia,Costa Rica,United States,South Korea and many other countries for machines’installation and commissioning. 



70HP Parallel Compressor Unit,

2 Sets Evaporative Cooled Condenser,

1 Set Surge Drum Unit Installed in Guatemala

November, 2016


South Korea

We sent 1 technician to South Korea for installation and commissioning of the tapioca pearl production line. We exported including screw lifter, spiral ribbon mixer, coating machine, heating pot, washing machine, tunnel IQF and matching compressor system.

April, 2016



We sent 4 technicians to U.S.A. for installation and commissioning of the equipment we exported including IQF tunnel, 3*125HP rack compressor unit, air cooled condensers, pipes and other accessories. It is for IQF of shell on shrimps and output capacity is 4000kg per hour.

June, 2015



We sent 4 technicians to Cancun, Mexico for installation and commissioning of the equipment we exported including SF500 spiral freezer, 2*70HP rack compressor unit, evaporative cooled condenser, ice glazing machine and some accessories for seafood processing. Output capacity is 500kg per hour.

December, 2012

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