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Spiral Conveyor

Spiral conveyor is widely used in the process of storage, cooling, freezing, proofing and other processing in food production. It can be customized according to customer's requirements. Double/single spiral-type cooling towers are used for cooling and proofing of mass-produced bread, cakes, mooncakes, wafers, egg tarts, tart crusts, cereal bars and other food or non-food products. It's generally used to connect with large tunnel furnaces and mooncakes fully automated production lines, bread fully automated production lines, cakes fully automated production lines, meat muffins fully automated production lines, wafers fully automated production lines, flower cakes automated production lines and other food production lines and other industries production lines. 

1. Conveyor Belt:

We adopt food grade plastic material for conveyor belt. The surface of belt is flat and neat.

2. Driving System:

The working speed of conveyor belt can be adjusted by frequency inverter and speed reducer.

3. Electric Controlling System: We adopt Siemens or Schneider electric components

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